Meet the Homestead

Hi! We are the Woolf Pack – Lizzy, Nora and Judah (from top to bottom). We are the human components to Woolf Den Homestead. Our home is very special to us and we are excited to open it to you!

Our home is on Abenaki land, now called Monkton, Vermont. Nora’s parent’s built the house in the 70’s and Nora returned in 2010 to help tend to the house and land. We moved here soon after meeting as our dream was to create and build a place of community that was focused on cultivating a relationship with the earth and ourselves. People ask us, “Homesteading seems hard, why are you doing it”. To us it was a no brainer – we strive for a slower pace in this fast and (sometimes) overscheduled world, we seek to have intention behind our days, the activities we do and the way we move through the hours, and to be able to have more time together as a family. To make these dreams come true, we have a goal of being as self sustaining as possible while also cultivating a culture of bartering in our community and supporting a healthy local economy. We grow our own food, raise chickens for meat and eggs, have sheep to help us with lawn care and fiber arts, and we bring people together to feed our souls.

Our homestead is more than just a home. We have and continue to develop it into a place of vibrant gardens, diverse set of animals, healthy forests and open spaces, educational and learning spaces, and most importantly, it is our home. Welcome.