I have been building my relationship with crystals since I was a child. My interest and connection with stones has shifted throughout my life and I am excited to now be sharing stones with my local community. Crystals offer different things to different people and I hope to make them approachable to all! I am excited to be a facilitator between crystals and community: whether you are looking for a beautiful statement piece for your living room, a meaningful gift for a special occasion, or specific stones or energies to guide you during a personal journey. 

With joy, Lizzy

Where to find the Woolf Den Crystals:

Middlebury Summer Market, Middlebury, Vermont, every Thursday 3:30-7:30, June 1st-August 31st (Lizzy will bring a selection of crystals to the market weekly throughout the summer!)

-Seasonal Open Houses (Summer Open House Sunday, June 11th 9-5) (see our Workshops&Gatherings page for more info)

-Schedule an appointment to see our entire inventory in our barn! Lizzy regularly opens up the barns to individuals looking to see the cyrstals.

We offer intuitively curated collections of stones for your spaces. Please reach out if you are interested in a cosultation to further discuss your crystal dreams!


Crystal Subscriptions

This offering is a way to connect with stones on a regular basis to create rhythm, intentionality, and practice in your daily life! The stones will be chosen by Lizzy to reflect the times we are in both individually and collectively. The monthly offering includes:

-1-3 pocket sized stones to carry with you or have in a special spot in your space
-Description cards of the energies that those stones can hold
-A prompt, suggestion, idea of how to use the particular stones that month

Crystals will ship out on the first of the month or be available for local pickup. 

Subscription offerings:
 3 month: $81 ($27/month)
6 month: $150 ($25/month)
12 month: $276 ($23/month)



Receive your own curated collection of stones from the Woolf Den Homestead crystal inventory! The stones will be selected by Lizzy to honor and hold space for the specific energy which you are hoping for. 

You can select from one of the energies we offer: 
– Joy
– Calm
– Grounding
– Spiritual connection
– Healing 
– Or select your own personalized energy desires! 

Boxes come is small (3-5 stones) or large sizes (5-10 stones) and include description cards of the energies each stone can hold. Crystals will ship out within one week of order or be available for local pickup.

Small ENERGY BOX – $50
Large ENERGY BOX – $100